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Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Modal Global apart from the competition? 

At Modal Global we center everything we do around our Success through Simplicity approach. We ensure every package is handled with caution and care and receives our CPR attention. This means we extend a customized, professional, reliable solution to aid any critical delivery need.  

How quickly are drivers dispatched?

Our Stat Services are set up for an immediate response. Our On-Demand Services have a 1-2 hour response window. Rush-hour offers a 2-4 hour response window, and our Same-Day Services extends a 4-8 hour response window. We've created various service offerings specifically to provide not just a customized service, but a customized price point as well. 

How is Modal Global's service different from Fed-ex or Amazon?

We specialize in time-definite same-day delivery of critical packages of all sizes through a courier process. This means that an individual delivery person is responsible for your specialized item for the entire time it is in our care. Additionally, many of the packages we deliver need extra special care and attention and that's precisely what they get. Your package will never be simply dropped off or left unattended.

Does Modal Global have service offers for individuals or just companies?

​Whether you are a company or an individual we are happy to provide our full list of service offers to you.

What kinds of packages does Modal Global transport?

We primarily service the medical, pharmaceutical, and aerospace industries but also transport important documents, art, fragile parcels, perishable foods, and expensive items for companies and individuals from various sectors of society.  ​

What does Asset Services include?  

These services are often used by medical service providers needing transport of emergency/vital supplies or the aerospace industry needing transport of emergency equipment parts, and even factories that need specified temperature-sensitive materials. Many of these items need extra caution and care taken in the process of delivery. This extra care and caution might include cold-chain, re-packing, replenishment, and/or dangerous goods care. These are all considerations we take with our Asset Services. 

Is this kind of expedited transport only necessary for big companies?

No, not at all. Many of the customers we serve are small businesses that simply have a need that is time or service sensitive. All our transport services are available to both small and big companies as we know that every size company has important work to do.  

Why do people choose to use Modal Global transport services?

There are many reasons our customers have shared. One reason is that it allows them to keep their own personnel focused on company growth tasks rather than making their own deliveries. Another is that they simply don't have the personnel available to manage a time-sensitive delivery. Also, some packages need to be handled not just with care, but with caution and as experts, we can do this both reliably and efficiently. 

Industry Terminology


Aircraft on Ground is a term in aviation maintenance indicating that a problem is serious enough to prevent an aircraft from flying and there is a rush to acquire the parts to put the aircraft back into service. 


This acronym is used to refer to the maintenance, repair, and operations used by a company to create an end product. When a company is in need of a part to stay operational, a rush is often needed for operations to resume as swiftly as possible. 


An Air Waybill is a contract document between the shipper and the carrier that also provides tracking details and other information about the goods and the delivery in general.


A Mobile Data Terminal is a device used to convey information from dispatch to the driver. This system also tracks driver progress via GPS and allows for real-time signatures. 

      Cold-chain Transport

Cold-chain Transport ensures end-to-end temperature management and strict conformance to regulatory guidelines to maintain product integrity throughout the transport process. 

      Temperature Control

Temperature control transport services goods that are sensitive to specific climate conditions. Such items require special handling and storage during transport to maintain stable temperatures from pick-up to hand-off. 

      Dangerous Goods

​A dangerous good (also known as hazardous material or hazmat) is any substance or material that is capable of posing an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property when transported.

      Access Point

An access point is a location from which the parcel or shipment will be collected from or the location for which the transport will be handed off.  


To keep your package safe during transit, it is essential your coolant is replenished if needed. Replenishment most often refers to the replenishment of ice or dry ice. 


To keep your package safe during transit, it is often essential for your container to be repacked with coolant. Both gel packs and dry ice are effective repacking coolants. 


Packages often get damaged in transit. When this occurs we offer a repackaging service that secures the integrity of the package until completion of the transport. This service allows for time to be saved in the overall shipment process.


      CPR Triage

At our JFK location, we have our CPR Triage center. This is a resource center where replenishment, repacking, and repackaging services are performed. 

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